7 Tips for an Organized Kitchen



7 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

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If your kitchen deal seems too overwhelming, start by following these seven tips for a neater, cleaner and more organized kitchen.

1. Large clearance
It seems simple, but the number one enemy of an organized kitchen is the number of items. Buy or keep the essence and discard the rest. Many people have a lot more pans, electrical appliances, cooking / kitchen utensils and other utensils which they do not use.

2. Packaging
Nothing struck a beautiful kitchen more than a mess of plastic and cardboard packaging. Save your pantry instead of in glass jars or other cool storage pots. Stick a sticker on the content and stock your kitchen organized and looks cozy!

3. Organizers
Throw your cookware loose in a drawer. Use a drawer organizer and inserts for each tray to separate everything and easier to find.

4. Waste
Create a waste-sorting place and a cleaning station under the kitchen sink. The area under the sink is a difficult area and it is often a store for more stuff. Make yourself comfortable with trash systems and extendable drawers. This is easier to install than you think!

5. Use the wall
Do you have little space in the kitchen? Use therefore the wall or your ceiling! Hang example pans and cutlery great on the wall or ceiling or hang a shelf where you can put pots and cookbooks. Is still too cozy.

6. Organisation
It is important to organize items task. So you have everything at your fingertips. For example, herbs and oils. Cooking utensils should be put near your stove while meat grinder, cutting boards and knives should be where you always do the preparations.

7. Cookbooks
Little space? Keep your cookbooks collection under control with the ‘one in, one out’ policy. It’s a simple trick: for every new cookbook that you will give one of you to a friend or family member. Copy only your favorite recipes from the cookbooks that you give away and keep it in a nice folder. So you make your own cookbook with only your favorite recipes. Handy!

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Misty Jhones

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