Amazon’s Success: What Jeff Bezos has to Say?



Amazon’s Success: What Jeff Bezos has to Say?

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No one’s been unaware of how Amazon excels over other e-commerce businesses. So what makes it top the list?

With Amazon you can find everything and the same gets delivered to your doorstep quickly. This is built in the company’s DNA.

For Jeff Bezoz, it is all about efficiency. As a founder and CEO of the company, he believes it is all about your customers.

I know what goes in the mind of a buyer. He wants low prices, fast delivery and an extremely vast and huge collection to choose from.

Entrepreneurs must focus on their customers rather than the competitors. Even as an investor Jeff focuses on customer obsession.

For instance let’s consider the use case of Amazon Prime. Because the owner of the company knew customers love free shipping he brought the idea of 2 day fast delivery with no extra charges.

This helped people turn into loyal customers for Amazon and increase its sales. A rather smart move!

As a business writer, I have closed examined the way Jeff works which helped me understand how other entrepreneurs can implement the same into their business structures.

Thinking for Long-Way

You will agree with me on this.

Jeff Bezos did think for his business in a long term. Initially, he started with e-books which gave him losses for quite some time however; later when the prices decline the only alternative for people was Amazon.

When the trend started, e-books were sold on a price equivalent to the printed editions of the book but Amazon sold it for as low as $9.99. With this foundation, Amazon has a great success product Kindle.

My Advice

Considering the above situation, I would say that as an entrepreneur you should never be afraid to make a bold move and always think for a long game play.

Focus on Customers

Taking into account his obsession for customers, Amazon’s every product launch has been a proof of it. Be it Amazon Prime, Kindle or even Alexa each of the service focuses on making the customers happy and do less effort.

Over the years, the company has strived to excel in everything it initiates. They encouraged the customers to post their reviews and experience even if they were negative or critical of something.

It was not received positively by many but now, reviews have become an important part of the e-commerce business.

My Advice

The core of your business should always be customers. Research, analyse and strive to achieve what makes them happy and satisfied.

Offer Economical Prices

Since the beginning, Amazon had seen things in a very basic manner. The company started from an office space in Washington and went to achieving such a great success with its hard work and smart brains.

Being economical is in the essence of Amazon. Since the company has itself witnessed everything from scratch Jeff understands the struggles of a common man. The important thing to consider is: customers and their continuous innovation.

However; for the employees of Amazon, there is no special treatment given at work. There is no compromise accepted when it comes to working at Amazon.

My Advice

At times, success is all about hard work, dedication and patience which can be achieved only without any fancy or luxurious time table or habit.

Risk is not Bad

Many situations in business demand the entrepreneur to take risks and stick to them till they have the results. Most of us are scared to think beyond our comfort level or feel that competitors might not benefit from any of our mistakes.

But in case of Amazon, risks have always been beneficial for the company. For Bezos, it is not about the outcome but the ability to take initiatives. He also awarded the employees of his company for their hard work and success.

My Advice

Risks might turn out to be negative but sometimes, these are the ones who make great changes for you. Do not step back from taking risks.

Follow your Data

Bezos believes that all things are based on certain facts which are critical for your consideration. Before starting a business, you need to think on the facts which can benefit your business and the ones which need to be taken care of.

Entrepreneurs need to have the intellect to apply to their business structures and understand each aspect of it. For, instance, Jeff found books to be the perfect product for e-commerce business.

My Advice/b>

Numbers never lie. Always stick to the data and decide your plans focusing on ways to improve the stats.

Author’s Bio: 

Tanya is a business researcher, guest post writer and likes to help entrepreneurs improve on to their business skills.

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