Before Using Weight Bench You Should Know the Benefits of Weight Training



Before Using Weight Bench You Should Know the Benefits of Weight Training

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Have you ever caught yourself wondering what the main benefits of weight training for muscle gain actually are? If you’re reading this article now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’ve been researching the muscle building process for some time.

In your quest to gain slabs of lean muscle mass, I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon one of the most basic of bodybuilding principles…That training with free weights can lead to some serious muscle growth!

Benefits of Weight Training This is readily available information, nothing too surprising here. But let me ask you a question…

Do you know why it is that so many different bodybuilding and muscle gain resources promote weight lifting workouts as the main form of training for lean muscle gain?

I mean, sure weight training programs helps to pack on muscle mass…But why?

Really, take some time and actually think about it…Why?

This is the same question that I had when I finally began to progress in my quest for muscle gain. Along the way I found many half a**** explanations of the health benefits of weight training, but not much quality info on the benefits of weight training for muscle gain.

If you’re anything like me, knowing only half the answer is never satisfying enough. In order to buy into a philosophy or training style, I need to completely understand how it works and why it works, otherwise, I feel like I’m just guessing.

Sure you may get lucky and gain a little muscle here and there, but without the right information, you’ll never be able to reproduce the process and gain more muscle mass.

In order to satisfy your hunger for detailed muscle gain information, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the main benefits of weight training as it relates to lean muscle gain.

1.) Lifting very heavy weights, through a full range of motion is a proven muscle building weight training technique that has been shown to increase your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone and many other “muscle building” hormones.

These hormones are responsible for aiding in the recovery process that is vital to any muscle building weight training workout.

2.) Weight training when combined with the progressive overload principle, sound nutrition and adequate rest and recovery, increases muscular strength.

“To put it in simple terms, the heavier you lift…the stronger your muscles become! This is the stimulus or accelerator for muscle growth. Without the proper kick-start, the muscle building process doesn’t even begin!”

Without the constant stimulation from lifting progressively heavier weights, your muscles have nothing to adapt to and adapt for…in essence, no reason to grow!

This is really all there is to it if you want to gain lean muscle mass. Both of the benefits of weight training listed above are unique to weight training.

No other form of fitness program, exercise or workout routine can stimulate the production of the “muscle building” hormones, increase your strength, or help you to pack on muscle mass like weight training can.

In order to realize the muscle building benefits of weight training however, you must learn how to lift with proper form…So put away the exercise ball and roll up the Yoga mat (just kidding)…it’s time to take advantage of the muscle building benefits of weight training! So know everything about muscle building with best weight bench at

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