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Best Writing Apps and Online Tools


Aspiring and established writers think of great ideas at strangest times. How many times have you thought of an amazing concept that evaporated away because you didn’t find the time to write it down? Instead of carrying a pen and paper everywhere around, you can turn to modern technology and start being more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, a short story writer or novelist; the following apps and online tools will help you become a much more effective writer!

GoodNotes 4

If you are too used to the “pen and paper” mode, that doesn’t mean you should reject technology. You only need to adapt it to your methods. GoodNotes is an app that allows you to sketch diagrams, take handwritten notes, and mark-up and organize documents just as you are used to.

Ninja Essays

What happens if your story is mixed with elements of an area you don’t particularly understand? For example, you get an awesome idea for a short story that involves a lawyer working on a murder case, but you have no idea how criminal law works. Well, you can hire experts from all areas of study at custom writing service NinjaEssays. They are not only educated and knowledgeable in the field they cover; they are also trained and talented writers who can make your work more appealing. In addition, you can also use this website as an affordable, but really effective editing service.


You get the best ideas in the subway? No problem; you only need to carry your iPad everywhere you go and install Storehouse on it. This app allows you to use wonderful layouts and combine your story with photos to make it more visually appealing. You can use Storehouse to write journal entries, new blog posts, short stories, travel adventures, and anything else you are working on.


If you easily get distracted while working on your masterpieces, WriteRoom is the tool you need. This Mac word processor provides you with a writing environment that’s free of all clutters and enables you to get focused on your story. You don’t need to bother with different features; you only need to get words on the page.


Writers are known for having big egos that rarely accept criticism, but you can actually benefit a lot from the advice you get. Whether you are working on an important email, a blog post or a Word document, you can share it with the community on Poetica and receive valuable comments on it. You don’t have to accept the changes made by the users; you will be in full control of your text while collaborating with people who know how you can make it better.


Even the greatest writers can benefit from this awesome tool that enables them to invite people to comment on their work. The feedback you get on your writing will help you create more concise work that will satisfy the readers. When you present your work to the great audience at Draft, you will surely start making big improvements. The Hemingway mode is great if you are an editing freak; it forces you to move forward with your writing without going back to polish out the sentences while fresh ideas keep coming your way. You can leave the editing and proofreading for later.
Technology makes writing much more fun!
It doesn’t matter whether you are in the middle of a writer’s block, struggle with editing or simply want to find a new, more exciting writing tool; everything you need is available online. Contemporary writers can become much more productive with the help of writing apps and tools; and the 6 options listed above are some of the most effective options they can start using right away.

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