Inner Peace

Are you feeling tossed around by life?

Are you feeling tossed around by life? Always something that creates stress and challenge? The next time you feel this way instead of focusing on the problem or challenge change your perspective to “what do I desire overall?” I don’t want you concentrating on the “how” only focus on the desire. I know it’s difficult as you are in the throes of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, with the practice of living fully present and aware of how you feel mentally and emotionally free of judgment you are better equipped to recognize and change your thoughts.

Develop your Inner Peace Sanctuary

Today’s reflection is inspired by my personal journey and the journey of my long time clients. Enlightenment doesn’t mean you have reached super human status. What it means is you have the same life lessons and life experiences, and you are choosing to view these experiences with a lens of expansive awareness, striving to release judgment and criticism. You are also attempting to maintain inner peace in the midst of all life experiences. Sometimes you may feel like you are not entirely living your spiritual practice in your day-to-day living. I believe that every occurrence, happening in this moment, is part of the spiritual practice. Life is our spiritual practice. Your light is always shining, and you are always expanding and growing and developing the inner sanctuary for your self-growth.

Positively Impact All Relationships in your Life

Choosing the journey of self-discovery is no easy feat. Spending quiet time with self in reflection and meditation allows us to explore who we truly are. We begin to evaluate, hopefully from a detached space or observational standpoint, what we like about ourselves and what we don’t. To change, we must give ourselves permission to change and allow the transformation to occur. It is important that you trust yourself and your intuition to determine what you desire to change or let go and what you want to remain constant. As this process unfolds, you will better recognize cycles and belief systems that were only yours because of ancestry and not out of authenticity.