***The Trouble with The Law of Attraction

There are so many books out now proclaiming that we can use the Law of Attraction to create abundance, love, wealth, happiness, etc. etc. The trouble with these belief systems is that it is all mental illusion. It fosters the belief that if you follow their secret recipe, you will get what you want. These “attraction gurus” want you believe that if you are not getting what you want, you must be doing something wrong. If you would just do it right, then you would be happy.

What is Freedom?

Freedom means the absence of restraint or control. It gives people the authority over their own self, their decisions, and actions according to their own likes and dislikes without any intervention. It is their right of freewill. There are four types of freedoms in general parlance, individual freedom, political freedom, religious freedom, spiritual freedom.

***The Wheel of Karma

One of the most often asked question of spiritual teachers by students is “what is my purpose”? Students who study spiritual concepts want to have some idea of why the universe operates in the manner it is experienced. They want to understand so that they can stop suffering. An understanding of the “big picture” is helpful to reduce anxiety and give us something to feel more comfortable. The Wheel of Karma created by the Tibetan Buddhists gives us that bigger picture along with clues of what we can expect. The Wheel is a symbolic representation of the nature of life.

When Hope is Nothing More Than Hype

According to Google, every day around 13,600,000 people search for hope on the web. People are desperate for hope. They think hope is somewhere out there, and they need to acquire it to get what they want from life.

Life Quotes On The Internet

Everyone love quotes, especially life quotes are often repeated in speeches and conversations that are meant to inspire others. Although it is just words, it hold the ability to affect people deeper than regular words can. It makes people to think, relate with the truth they know and from there, creates an acceptance from their point of view.

***What is Money?

I was reading Forbes Magazine the other day because it had a headline about how the recession had affected the richest people in the world. (“Billionaire Bust” March 30, 2009). The article summarized the net worth losses of the 20 richest people of the world. They were:

Why did Thomas Paine Write Common Sense?

Thomas Paine was a radical propagandist. He contributed articles to the Pennsylvania Magazine on various topics. Paine was committed to the cause of American independence. On January 10, 1776, he published a pamphlet titled as Common Sense, which became popular instantly and was meant for the common man to understand clearly what needed to be done to get independence from Great Britain.


One of my favorite quotes on gratitude is by Zig Ziglar. He states that “Of all the “attitudes” we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.” When I read that quote it just reminds me that we always need to be grateful for everything in our life. I mean everything. Can you imagine being grateful you were fired? Do you think you’d be happy if your significant other broke up with you? Can you picture yourself getting shot and saying, “Thank You!”? I can’t pretend I was immediately thankful when all those things happened to me, but looking back I’m glad they did. I’m grateful for the misfortune and the challenges I’ve had in my life because they’ve made me a much better person. Losing one of my first sales jobs made me go out and find a better one, and motivated me to go finish my degree and do my best at every job after that one. I didn’t ever want to be fired again. I’m glad an old girlfriend broke up with me. I realized later she wasn’t the right one for me. Getting shot opened my eyes to the importance of health and prompted me to enroll in sports medicine at the University of Southern Mississippi. I made some lifelong friends, had a great time in college, and learned healthy habits that will stay with me for the rest of my life.


I have been teaching people all over the world for almost five years about all sorts of magic. The magic of healing, the magic of prayer, the magic of focused thought. One of the most popular teachings, which I have given over the years, is one of the most simple, yet effective, magic words. That word is WOW! There are several reasons why I believe it is one of the original magic words on the planet.

The Wisdom of the Real People

“The aborigines of Australia believe everything exists on the planet for a reason. Everything in Oneness has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits, or accidents. There are only things that humans do not understand. There are only misunderstandings and mysteries not yet revealed to mortal man.”