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I was in the 9th grade at 13 when I was looking at the ceremony for my Bas Mitzvah, literally “Daughter of the Covenant,” when I would chant the portion of scriptural commentary to the five books of Moses consistent with my birthday, and speak all the Rabbi would let me, and collect some gifts.

A Stressed Out Baboon

We all complain about stress, but what is it really. National Geographic did a wonderful report on what stress is by not only looking at humans and our environment, but also through baboons and science. In watching specific tribes of baboons who ate the same food, lived in the same area, and experienced the same natural threats, scientists found it was not environment but social interaction and social rank that caused stress. The baboons that experienced stress and the physical symptoms of stress were those on the bottom of the food chain. They were the weak males being picked on by the alpha males. They were the female baboons treated like chattel. Stress was caused by the belief that they were less than. Stress was caused by the fear of being attacked by those stronger. Stress was caused by a bleak outlook for their future because of their status in the tribe.
The scientists noticed that the baboons lower on the food chain experienced much of the same physical issues that humans do. The physiological stress response can be more damaging than the stressor itself. Stress leads to higher blood pressure, heart rates, and therefore the potential of heart disease. A constant fight-or-flight response shuts down the immune system leading to issues like ulcers. The stress response actually kills off our brain cells, specifically those in the hippocampus, making learning more difficult and the memory fade. There is less dopamine in the system and therefore less experience of pleasure. There is an increase in weigh around the belly where fat has a more severe effect on overall health. Stress affects the cellular level making us age faster.
Something interesting happened.
The tribe of baboons came across a dumpster of meat. The alpha males ate it up, for they always ate first. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the meat was tainted. This led to the death of the alpha males. Those left in the tribe were then the female baboons and what the scientists called the “nice guy” baboons. What was interesting is that the tribe changed how they related to each other. The fighting, biting, and attacks which had been common place, were now gone. The tribe worked together, they groomed each other, and they were kind to each other. The resulting harmony led to lower stress and better health.
Look around your life. Who are the alpha baboons causing you stress? Your boss? Your landlord? A family member? Is there a way you can remove yourself from their attacks? Is there a way you can raise your self-esteem by no longer giving them your power? Is there a way you can focus on what you can control in your life instead of fearing an attack from another?
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5 Tips to Lower Stress for Parents and Kids

When the new year of school approaches does the feeling of anxiety hit you and do you feel the onset of stress coming back to you? If it does, it shouldn’t have to be! We feel stress because we are under pressure, there is something that poses a challenge to us and there is a perceived lack of control. The more we feel that we are out of control, the more stressed we are.

Inspirational Lessons Learned from Spending Breaks Wisely

Have you ever wondered why many successful people are great at what they do? Apart from being smart workers and passionate learners, many of them share one winning habit:  they don’t eat lunch at their work tables. In other words, according to Dale Krow, a New York-based executive coach, using break time wisely is a common trait of many successful people. In theory, it’s easy to understand why such trait is integral to better productivity and success. In practice, however, many people still fail at spending their breaks wisely. But it’s actually very easy to do, and the benefits far outweigh the little effort you need to do it. Here are 12 lessons to inspire you to be wiser in spending your breaks.

Making Smarter Babies

There’s a wide continuum of what’s considered normal intelligence in humans. Some of that may be genetic, but there’s a lot of evidence that parents can have a large impact on helping their children be smarter. It all starts when they’re babies.

5 Reasons to Become a Freelancer

Working in an office has its perks if you are running the office. You can make it as efficient and convenient as you please, but if you are the worker and not the boss, then it is a place of pressure, inefficiency and inconvenience. This sort of thing works for some people because it means they get to leave their problems in the office, but if these are issues you cannot get over, then maybe a freelance life is the one for you.

What Is Your Normal?

Despite the dynamic nature of life, we usually develop normal routines and schedules to provide some sort of structure and guide to our daily lives. Looking back at the past several months, can you discern a “normal” pattern in your day-to-day activities?