FED announces appointment of the chairs & deputy chairs of the Federal Reserve Banks for 2021


The FED on Wednesday announced the designation of the Chairs & Deputy Chairs of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks for 2021.

Each Reserve Bank has a nine-member board of directors. The Board of Governors in Washington appoints three of these directors & each year designates one of its appointees as Chair & a second as Deputy Chair.

Following are the names of the Chairs & Deputy Chairs designated by the Board for 2021:

Christina Hull Paxson, president, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, named Chair.

Corey Thomas, chairman & chief executive officer, Rapid7, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, named Deputy Chair.

New York
Denise Scott, executive vice president, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, New York, New York, renamed Chair.

Rosa M. Gil, founder, president, & chief executive officer, Comunilife, Inc., New York, New York, renamed Deputy Chair.

Madeline Bell, president & chief executive officer, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, renamed Chair.

Anthony Ibarguen, chief executive officer, Quench USA, Inc., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, renamed Deputy Chair.

Dwight E. Smith, president & chief executive officer, Sophisticated Systems, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, named Chair.

Doris Carson Williams, president & chief executive officer, African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, named Deputy Chair.

Eugene A. Woods, president & chief executive officer, Atrium Health, Charlotte, North Carolina, named Chair.

Jodie W. McLean, chief executive officer, EDENS, Washington, D.C., named Deputy Chair.

Elizabeth A. Smith, former executive chair, Bloomin’ Brands, Inc., Tampa, Florida, named Chair.

Claire Lewis Arnold, chief executive officer, Leapfrog Services, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, named Deputy Chair.

E. Scott Santi, chairman & chief executive officer, Illinois Tool Works, Inc., Glenview, Illinois, renamed Chair.

Helene D. Gayle, M.D., president & chief executive officer, The Chicago Community Trust, Chicago, Illinois, named Deputy Chair.

St. Louis
Suzanne Sitherwood, president & chief executive officer, Spire Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, renamed Chair.

James M. McKelvey, Jr., founder & chief executive officer, Invisibly, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, renamed Deputy Chair.

Srilata Zaheer, dean, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, renamed Chair.

Harry D. Melander, president, Minnesota Building & Construction Trades Council, St. Paul, Minnesota, renamed Deputy Chair.

Kansas City
Edmond Johnson, president & owner, Premier Manufacturing, Inc., Frederick, Colorado, named Chair.

Patrick A. Dujakovich, president, Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO, Kansas City, Missouri, named Deputy Chair.

Greg L. Armstrong, co-founder & chairman & chief executive officer (retired), Plains All American Pipeline L.P., Houston, Texas, renamed Chair.

Thomas J. Falk, executive chairman (retired), Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Dallas, Texas, renamed Deputy Chair.

San Francisco
Rosemary Turner, president (retired), north California district, United Parcel Service, Inc., Oakland, California, named Chair.

Tamara L. Lundgren, chairman, president, & chief executive officer, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., Portland, Oregon, named Deputy Chair.

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Source: Federal Reserves

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