The Securities & Exchange Commission’s Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation has opened registration for the SEC’s 42nd Annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation, which will take place April 24-27. The virtual forum will run each day from 1-2:30 p.m. ET & will feature speakers, including SEC Commissioners, with in-depth knowledge of the issues facing small businesses & their investors. Sessions will focus on the following topics:

Monday, April 24: Exploring the Early-Stage Landscape: Trends & Strategies in Capital Raising

Tuesday, April 25: Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Laying the Groundwork to Support Small Businesses & Their Investors

Wednesday, April 26: Investing in Small Business: Successes & Challenges Facing Smaller Funds

Thursday, April 27: Accessing the Public Markets: Becoming & Staying a Public Reporting Company

The forum provides a unique opportunity for members of the public & private sectors to discuss, develop, & improve policy recommendations on capital raising for small businesses. At the end of each day’s session, participants will have the opportunity to prioritize policy recommendations that will be included in a report for the Commission & Congress. Members of the public who wish to participate in the live discussion & vote on policy recommendations can register here. Alternatively, members of the public that do not wish to participate in the discussion or vote on the policy recommendations can watch the broadcast live each day on without registering. The public is invited to submit policy ideas in advance to [email protected].

The 2022 Forum Report summarizing last year’s forum proceedings & the recommendations of participants was released on July 28, 2022.