Four Water Features Perfect For A Swimming Pool



Four Water Features Perfect For A Swimming Pool

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When it comes to designing a new pool, it’s best that new owners consider who will be using the oasis. If kids are going to be using the pool, whether now or in the coming years, parents may want to consider adding specific water features to the pool’s design. Are you curious about what features to add? Below are four water features that kids are sure to love.


Pool bubblers make for a great shallow-water, kid-friendly feature. Bubblers are typically a shallow shelf that features jets, or bubblers, coming out of the floor of the pool. They essentially create a wading pool in the pool that has columns of water “bubbling” out. They are an excellent option for those with younger children.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are essentially small fountains that could create hours of fun for children. Tiny fountains are installed into your pool deck. They are spaced about a foot apart. The jets then shoot an arching beam of water into the pool. An easy addition to any pool design, kids are sure to love playing underneath the shooting water.

Many Tampa pool owners also choose to install LED lights into their deck jets. They can set the jets to a light display so that different jets shoot different-colored water. Not only will this impress kids, but it will also likely impress the neighbors as well!

Splash Pads

You may be used to seeing splash pads at your local water park. However, it’s now easier than ever for pool owners to install splash pads in their backyard. Splash pads are an excellent option for kids playing under the hot Tampa sun. Splash pads are recreation areas that feature spray nozzles in the ground. The water sprays upward out of the nozzles onto the deck. Most consider them to be very safe, and your children will end up running through the nozzles for hours.

Shallow Water Area

You should plan to ensure that your children can still enjoy the features as they get older. Another water feature to consider is a shallow water area, where children can play water games such as volleyball and basketball.

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