Girl Power! Five Top Tips For Women



Girl Power! Five Top Tips For Women

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Thursday , March 8 is the ‘International Women’s Day’ and it is fortunate to celebrated word wide. This is the reason why women’s rights are high on the political agenda. Many countries have made great leaps to eliminate sex discrimination; and there are initiatives to get more women in high political positions. But do not wait for your turn: these are the five top tips that gave you the way up.

American women appear to be strongly underrepresented in the boards of directors of listed companies. Although the share seems to grow; only 5 percent is female. Jan. 2, 2016 was the date when American government made an announcement that women will be allowed to serve in any job in the armed services, but still, a big change is required for women empowerment.

Many of the skills considered essential for successful leadership are traditionally justified as female attributes. People who can work together; possess empowerment (empathy) Being faithful or loyal to the company and customer; and those selflessly leaving the company and customer’s interests ahead of themselves, lead us better to success than those who are considered to be proud, conservative ones. But the soft, feminine attributes are simply rejected as ‘steering on feeling’ versus ‘letting the analytical mind’ rule. That underestimates the value of these features for teamwork, which is really essential today for, for example, the so important innovation power of companies.
How can women help themselves with this in mind? This has always been my approach. I would like to offer my strategy to anyone who wants to be judged on her or her qualities and to be valued for performance. These are my Top Five:

1. Determine your challenge and keep learning
You do not have to aim for a top job to keep learning forever. Ambition is also excelled in your current position and want to make the next promotion. Who knows where the road brings you. But never stop learning and make sure you follow the best courses. Develop the skills that are important to the organization. Do not try to be good at all, it’s so a female thing: take the idea that it’s important to be able to do everything and to do it. Play yourself in the audience and solve the real issues of the organization. Take unexpected tasks unscheduled and perform well. Within the shortest time, people understand that you are valuable to the company and form the core of the team or department.

2. Mentors in your network
Enrich your network with mentors. Whether you’re just starting or halfway up the ladder: mentorship is your support. So make sure you collect some good mentors around you.

3. Be constructive
Do not complain. Nothing worse than people leaning back and filling the room with negativity: “We do not get ahead, I’ve seen this before, this does not work.” Grab the chances that occur. Work ordinarily hard and be constructive and positive. Successful people come up with solutions.

It’s in your personality: want is can.

With fashion, you can show what you like, who you are and what you stand for. But you can also contribute to social discussions. And that’s exactly what works: With some statement clothing or political t-shirts, you can respond to politically or socially relevant topics.

4. Let’s hear you
Women forget that they have to call themselves when it’s successful, while men sell their success three times. It’s a generalization, but the time you saw when you did not hear from you is over. Get out and let you know what you’ve achieved. As the boss shifts at the lunch table, asks, “So, and what have you done the past few months to help us further?”, Spell up your list and make sure you can say what you say. Put that list up, make sure that it shows solid growth and be extremely satisfied with what is all about it.

5. Dare to speak
Negativity is a lot different from constructive feedback. Because of what they say and are fluent, practical and positive about it. Good listening and picking up the essence is usually a moderately developed skill. Nevertheless, it is a prerequisite for real growth. And daring out of the corner is a second. Stand for what you believe in, dare with that constructive remark or ask back what they are telling you all, as long as you know it’s better and more effective. To sincere builders is always shortage. Especially in the higher regions. And if it is not, then it’s likely time for change.

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Misty Jhones

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