How Mobile Phone has Changed Our Lives Over the Time



How Mobile Phone has Changed Our Lives Over the Time

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There are inventions such as radio, television, computer and internet that have radically transformed our habits, ways of communicating, learning and having fun. They are milestones of the human journey, untiring engines of social and cultural evolution. The smartphone has changed the lives of all of us, it is impossible and useless to deny it. You cannot say for sure if there are more pros than cons, or vice versa, everything depends on the use that a person makes of their electronic device.

Nowadays cell phones are used for anything, by both adults and children.
Like everything else, the use of the mobile phone has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are naturally those of being able to call or send messages to a person near or far, favoring communication; surf the net to search for information or to deepen knowledge (but this may involve additional costs); download applications that are used for various types of activities or interests, such as cooking recipes app or for online shopping of clothing items and various things or even more simply weather applications, dictionaries or to download and download read emails also far from the PC, a fundamental working tool for some professionals.

Perhaps the most important change is on how to communicate. Until a few years ago our interactions at a distance were mostly entrusted to calls, text messages and e-mails (sent strictly from a PC). With the advent of smartphones and especially apps today you can send videos, images, emoticons, texts and instant audio messages. These new forms of communication therefore offer different solutions through which to express themselves. For example, if we are not good at words, we can resort to an emoji. Another new feature made by smartphones is the selfie phenomenon. Thanks to the integrated cameras, each of us can make high resolution self-portraits. Until a few years ago, if we wanted to send a photo to a friend we had to first develop it (or download it) and then send it to us (by post or email). Now it is enough to share the image on social networks or through one of the countless instant messaging applications.

But now let’s look also at the disadvantages that the usage of a smartphone can bring with time. Adults use their mobile phone more often for work, but, in most cases, they do not know how to use all of its features. Very often young people find themselves teaching their parents, and more recently even grandparents, to use their mobile phones.

The new generations prove to be technologically more advanced and facilitated in the use of new technological discoveries, but it is clear that it is necessary that the benefits and limits are well assessed and balanced not to run the risk of dividing slaves but rather of intelligent users. Tech is improving day by day and its changing our lives and in which mobile is one of those things that we use in our daily lives and to get these products at discounted rates from reductiondiscount and many other sites like these.
In conclusion, the mobile phone is a very useful and comfortable object, but it should be used sparingly. The mobile phone is also used by children aged 13 to 25 years, especially to be always active and present on social networks (the most used Facebook and Instagram) and to always be in touch with their friends to organize outings, parties or simply to talk about any topic. Unfortunately, the cell phone, for a boy of this age, is the subject of great distraction, because it is enough that a message arrives, a notification of a social, a call, that the subject distracts attention from the task he is doing and focuses on the message just arrived; this often leads to a worsening of school grades.
Smartphones can clearly create dependency. In fact, if we happen to forget our phone at home, we feel lonely and lost. According to a study done recently, on a sample of 150 thousand users, we check our smartphone at least 110 times a day. We spend more time chatting than communicating with a person in the reality. Smartphones have made us even less curious. Technology is replacing the man in almost everything, even in the way we think. If for example, we have a doubt, just go on the internet to find the answers. Of course, on the one hand, the ease with which it is possible to access a large number of information increases our knowledge, but on the other decreases our capacity for reasoning and memory.
In the end, smartphones can be both convenient and dangerous; it depends on what kind of usage the person does of it.

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Gert Erdmann is a traveller, cook and also owns which offers latest and genuine coupons for thousands of stores all around the world.

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