How to convert voice into the text: Useful Tips



How to convert voice into the text: Useful Tips

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Turning your voice to text is more common these days, but sadly it is not yet at a level to take its proper place in society. Computers do not have the capacity to understand what people are saying. It can only interpret the words you may be used by listening to the tone, stresses, and sounds of your words. More advanced ones such as the one that comes with Windows will also try to judge what you mean by the words in your sentence. If you speak a full sentence, then Windows will look at the words and will guess what you mean. It will do things such as put the right “their” and “there” in place, or the right “where” and “wear” in place.

Use Windows 7 & 8

It is currently the most advanced voice-to-text converter on the commercial market, and it comes free with Windows 7 and 8. All you need to do is search for “speech recognition” on your computer (or Windows phone) and you will find the options to set it up. You will need a microphone in order to activate it beyond simply opening up the options.

Speak like a news reader

This means you need to speak slowly and evenly, but not to the point where it seems like you are dictating to a dyslexic monkey. You only need to speak a fraction slower than the average talker. This is because the software is going to record what you say and compare the sounds you make to the ones that they associate with words. But, the people they first mined these sounds from were told to talk like newsreaders.

Train your software

Almost all real voice-to-text converters on the commercial market will allow you to train up your voice converter. They ask you to speak a number of phrases and it helps you to train up the software. This allows the software to better interpret the way you talk and how you say a word. With the Windows version, this process is ongoing and is altered by the changes you make via the software as you are using it.

Speak in full sentences

As it said in the introduction, the software is sometimes able to figure out what you are trying to say by the sentence that you are using. This means that you need to use real sentences that are grammatically correct. For example, after a semi-colon, it is going to expect certain words as opposed to others.

Use a headset with a microphone

Headsets allow you to keep the microphone a certain distance away from your mouth. This means that the noises you make are more consistent. Plus, some programs demand that you keep your voice above a certain volume. There is also less distortion due to your head moving around all the time. It makes using voice-to-text converter software a little easier and makes it a little less frustrating.

Keep an eye out for its mistakes

Your voice-to-text converter is going to make mistakes with what you say. It can be very time consuming to stop every time you make a mistake and correct it. It is also difficult to go back through and proofread it all, as you may miss the mistakes you made. You can try setting a marker of some sorts (like a highlighter pen on a printed document). That way, you can go back to it and fix it more easily when you are finished.

If you mess up then say it again and delete the first line

There are a few times when you are going to mess up a complete sentence. It happens quite often if you have a tendency to hesitate when you talk. If it happens, say the line again and remember to either delete the wrong one right away or delete it at the end when you have finished dictating.

Some other software cannot listen to long sentences

There are programs and there is hardware out there that cannot listen to long sentences or long strings of sentences. Windows may need a little time to get the stuff down on the document if you talk in big strings of sentences. But, it will keep listening and get it all down. Without mentioning names, there are some programs/software out there that cannot do this.

It often auto capitalizes letters for you

There are lots of these programs that will automatically capitalize letters for you. This includes words at that beginning of sentences, or place names, etc. This means you do not have to keep capitalizing words all time. You can let the software do it and you can learn what will not be capitalized so that you can order to software to do it when you dictate. It is a lot easier than trying to capitalize all of these letters yourself.

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