How to Know If You Are Colorblind



How to Know If You Are Colorblind

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For people who live with colorblindness, being colorblind is simply a fact of life. You don’t give much thought to the fact that you are colorblind, because this is the way you have always seen the world around you. In fact, you may not even know that you have the condition. Yet colorblindness can lead to problems with employment and even your ability to drive, so you may want to know if you are suffering from this common condition. Here are some ways you can tell if you are colorblind, so you can get the help of an eye doctor if needed.

1. What Do You Miss?
Are there things that you commonly miss that others seem to notice? Some common items may include:
• Overlooking a blossom on a plant that others notice
• Not noticing the start of spring or autumn
• Not nosing differences in hues that others seem to easily pot

If you are noticing these types of problems, it may be because you are colorblind.

2. Do You Struggle to Match Clothing?
If people are constantly telling you that your clothes don’t match, but you think they look great, then it may be beaus you’re colorblind. If you don’t enjoy clothes shopping because of the many different options available to you, and the overwhelming nature of choosing colors, again it may be because of colorblindness.

3. Are Your Other Senses More Exact?
Sometimes, people who have colorblindness will have a strong sense of smell and hearing. This is because they use their other senses to compensate for their inability to se colors well, similar to the way a blind person will compensate. This is particularly true about the sense of smell, and colorblind people may feel the need to smell their food before they eat it.

4. Take a Colorblindness Test
If you suspect based on the above answers that you may be colorblind, find an online colorblindness test. This is the most accurate way to determine not only if you are colorblind, but also what type of colorblindness is affecting you.

If you suspect or determine that you are colorblind, the good news is there are treatments available to help you to learn to live with this condition. Take the time to learn more about your treatment options by talking to an eye doctor as soon as possible, and you may be able to enjoy the richness of a color-filled world.

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