How to polish your writing skills?



How to polish your writing skills?

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The art of writing is a learned skill like any other skill and no one is a born writer. If you can speak, you can write as well, which is a well-known fact. Every writer’s style is unique and this is what sets you apart from others. If you know the basics of writing you could easily write your own stories whenever you want.

Writing will surely help you in sharing your thoughts with others. As we all know, everything starts from a basic idea. The majority of artists don’t begin painting without initially considering about the end results. A lot of people have trouble with writing and it may look like a huge obstacle to progress. Here are some tips to improve your writing skills.

Tips to improve your writing:

• Many people say that they learn to write best by reading. It is known as one of the best ways to get an idea of the unique styles of writing and observing how to use words appropriately in different situations.
• Try to research the topic in order to gain maximum knowledge.
• To express yourself clearly you have to expand your vocabulary because as far as good writing is concerned having a good active vocabulary is very important.
• Write every day and you have to be very clear in your mind about the basic purpose of your writing.
• You have to improve your grammar and master English spelling because you must know how to spell those specific words correctly. The best way to master spellings is by using flash cards and test yourself whenever you have some spare time.
• Just stay focused about the basic idea and make sure your writing is effective.
• Try to speak before you write. Try to communicate with your friends in your normal tone and tell them what you need to portray in your writing. Ask them, did they get what you are trying to portray? If not, tell it again and again until they understand it.
• Don’t edit during the creation of your first writing sketch. Editing and creation are two completely different processes using different sides of your brain.
• Just write and stop worrying about being a good writer. Perfection comes with practice and you will observe the improvement with every passing day.
• Try to read your writing twice before giving it a final touch.

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