Myths and You



Myths and You

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Have you ever come to a point where you feel like everything you learned wasn’t true? Have you wondered about all that “well-intentioned” guidance along the way? Have you ever came to a point where you wondered who you really were?

It seems to often happen a bit later in life; maybe the 30′s but often in the 40′s and 50′s where one “wakes up” and wonders what happened or gets a sense that they were living a lie. Like someone that takes off a mask, and learns that what is behind it is not what they thought it was. This is a period that can trigger all kinds of thoughts and feelings with it.

It is much like an awakening process, where we often find out that our childhood may not have been as happy as we thought originally; or that there is another side to what we have been told for decades. A sort of time where we start to learn and see a different perception of our experiences; particularly those from our childhood. It is a time that we start to see what was really behind the phrases our parents used, and learn about the programming that they raised us under.

This time can often leave us a bit disoriented, as we re-discover ourselves; and sort through the myths that we have been raised under. It is a time where we can feel completely “lost” as we come to understand the programming embedded in us, be it intentional or not; and what to do from there. It is also a strong period of re-discovery, as we awaken to what we will create ourselves to be.

Tony Spatarella is one person that has chosen to address some of these things in his book “The Myth of Me”. He shares about how the programming is fed into us as children; and how parents try to shape us into what they perceive will be best for us or what they want us to be. He looks at the beliefs that get established early in life and that at some point we will come face to face with this myth.

I find this really interesting, as I have gone through a great deal of my own processing on the programs that I was given as a child; and reflected on how they played out in life. I have experienced the strangeness of learning for myself who I am; outside of what everyone told me I was supposed to be. I have journeyed through breaking the myths that didn’t ring true for me. Within all of this, I found a huge spectrum of thoughts feelings, disorientation (and eventually clarity), and journeyed through lots of re-adjusting along the way.

It is interesting that Myth codes to the energy of the “Mole”; one that can pass between various opposing groups and work from within. Programming often works this very way; appearing as if it is our own thoughts, even when it is coming from others. There is a lot of “hidden” or “secret” information within this code; but it is also quite dangerous or comes with the risk of exposure and that can lead to separation, anger, or many other factors.

Where have you discovered your myths? What programming have you shifted from your earlier years? How have you dealt with what you were always told you were; and how did you open up to becoming you and living your own life?

Author’s Bio: 

Jesse Ann Nichols George is the author of 4 books, which are founded on the principles of compassion, and how to use it to bring joy to all areas of life; as well as to open to living your passion and manifesting a life of joy and fulfillment. In addition she is a collaborator on “Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway To Power, Passion, and Purpose”. She created of The Genesis Clearing Statement and The Compassion Tour. Jesse is a Code Interpretor with over 33 years of experience working with clients and assisting others with their life processes and helping them to work with their best influences and to strongly connect with Divine Flow. She is a 13th+ generation spiritual healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual and wellness coach, holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. She is also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating the harmony of all things. Her work encompasses practices from Eastern and Western philosophies. Jesse is a speaker and also hosts her own radio show. You can learn more about the work that she is doing at

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