Remember To Wash Your Sheets To Avoid Bacteria Growth



Remember To Wash Your Sheets To Avoid Bacteria Growth

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There are some things, which people seem to care less but those items can result in higher level of unhygienic quotient without people knowing anything about it! One such is washing your bed sheets on a regular basis. On the average scale, most people would love to wash their bed sheets once in a week max to max. But, researches have recommended that you should make it a point to remember to wash your sheets on a daily basis, and keep on changing it, if you want to increase the level of hygiene of your place. This might sound a bit weird at first, but you will get a hang of it after a certain time.

Why clean it so frequently:

Some people have this generic misconception that cleaning bed sheets at a regular interval will make the fabric weak, giving rise to tearing up more often. Well, this isn’t true as quality fabrics are used for manufacturing bed sheets and those are tested to withstand daily pressure. Keeping unclean bed sheets for long can result in higher growth of bacteria, which will again start increasing with every passing day. You will be shocked to know that a week old bed sheet happens to house 5 million bacteria! Now, this clearly shows why you need to clean your bed sheets more often, don’t you think?

Some tips to follow:

If you want to lessen the number of bacteria as associated with bed sheets, then you might plan to follow some simple tips handy. Avoid making bed as soon as you get up. Give it some time to air and to kill the bacteria. Damp or moisture bed sheets will result in more bacteria growth with every passing day. Moreover, you have to use mattress and some pillow protectors on a daily basis.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.

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