Teaching Our Children That Attitude Is Everything


The Benefits Of A Positive Outlook

Carol Dweck, a professor of Psychology at Stanford University found that by encouraging and praising students, their mindsets were positively affected. In her research she also argues that by teaching your child to have a good attitude, in turn they will begin to realize their potential and grow into an adult who is able to recognize their capacity and continually do their best. This research teaches us as parents, that while we should always encourage our children to get good grades and do their best, it is equally important to instill in them the importance of have a positive attitude.

A Fixed Mindset – A fixed mindset is when an individual desires to appear smart and so they avoid any kind of challenge or obstacle that may end in failure. This type of attitude will leave our children feeling incapable and hopeless, two emotions that no parent wants their child to feel.

A Growth Mindset – A growth mindset is when you are eager to try new challenges and if you fail, to learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. Someone who has a growth mindset has a thirst for knowledge and isn’t afraid of failure. This attitude causes those with a growth mindset to succeed and thrive, even though they might not have an IQ as high as someone with a fixed mindset.

Incorporating Positive Thinking

Now that you know the impact that a positive attitude has on your child, it is now important to understand how to build up your child and implement this positivity into your home. Here are a few ways that you can instill positivity:

  • Don’t pretend you’re perfect- let your children see your mistakes and learn from how you overcome them.
  • Empower them at every opportunity- your child gets enough negativity from the rest of the world, continually seek for opportunities to lift them up.
  • Teach them to set goals and recognize the results.
  • Teach them that a positive attitude goes a lot further than having perfect grades.
  • Let them make mistakes but be there to guide them afterwards.
  • Encourage them to try new things and when they fail, ensure them that it’s ok and they can try again.

When you surround your child with positivity, they will grow to have a positive attitude. This outlook will help your child to succeed in every aspect of their life.

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