The Most important Word for Success


It’s “why”.

Not who, when, what or how. Why.

To succeed in life, you need much more than believe. To say that you believe only means that you
have doubt in the first place. Believe can only exist where there is doubt.

Then, what should you do if not believe that you’ll be successful? The answer is to know. You must know that you’ll be successful. Let’s do a small experiment.
Close your eyes immediately and feel your legs for a few seconds and then open your eyes.
Now, tell me: Did you know that you have legs or did you believe that you have legs?
You knew. You didn’t have to believe.  This is how it should be.

Don’t be a believer. Believers are doubter who lie to themselves. Be a
knower. Know that you’ll achieve success.

All you must do to know that you’ll succeed is commit to one simple idea.  You must commit that you’ll learn and grow continuously in whatever it is that you pursue. That will without a shadow of a doubt result in success regardless of whatever it may that you want to be successful in.
Let me illustrate.
A boy who’s hungry and home alone has no food at home. He wants to call food delivery to order food, but there’s no phone line or internet. He then decides to go ask his neighbors for some food till his parents get back home. Unfortunately, none of his neighbors are home. He then looks for his wallet to buy some food from the nearest store and only then does he realize that he does not have any money.
Disheartened by all these, he finally decides to walk alone to the nearest store to plead with them for some food. He promised to pay back once his parents get back. Yet, a cruel staff says no.
What would he do?
He most probably would steal something to eat and run away.
Now, for the real question. Was he successful?
Of course, he was. He needed food and he got it despite every single possibility being against him.
Without realizing, he was committed to the idea that he must put food into his stomach regardless of what it takes to do that.

Most people fail because they always have the comfortable option to fail.

Think about it.
People quit their jobs and try their hands at entrepreneurship. They can’t cope. It isn’t easy as they thought it would be and they call it a day and go back to their old jobs.
Employment is easy. It is mind numbing, boring, binding and even disheartening but it is easy. All you need to do is show up, sit and do what you’re told and you get a comfortable amount of money at the end of the day.
What if I told you, I’ve installed an explosive device inside your brains from Mission Impossible 3 and it’ll blow up if you fail as an entrepreneur. There’s no timeline. You can take as long as you can. But, if you quit entrepreneurship and go back to employment, I’d press a button and the device explodes your brains to pieces.
What do you think will happen now?  You’d succeed without a doubt.

You win or lose because you had a reason to win or lose. That’s the truth. You lose because your
reason to not try any further felt more comfortable, safe and secure to you.

The guarantee of money at the end of each month in employment has eluded you into feeling secured. You also don’t win because you have no reason to win. You need a reason, a why. Without the why, you will not go far.  Most people chase money blindly. Money is a fickle thing. Chase your why and money will find you.  Forget about retiring early. What are you going to do after retiring early? Travel? For how long?  Travelling all the time would also eventually get boring.
Live a balanced life. Make sure you travel every year. But most importantly, know your “why” and work on a long-term project based on your “why”. Build something bigger than money and even you. Build something that matters and makes a
difference in people’s life.

Build something that drives your passion from within based on your why.

Tesla was built on Elon Musk’s why. Apple was built on Steve’s why. Tony Robbins is who he is because of his why.
What’s yours? From now, never leave your house for all the hustle without your why. Sleep with it and wake up with it. Let it consume you in the internal world and manifest itself in the external world.

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