The Only Refrigerator Buying Guide You Will Need To Read To Get Your Next Purchase Right



The Only Refrigerator Buying Guide You Will Need To Read To Get Your Next Purchase Right

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The refrigerator has become an important commodity for most homes these days. However, the task of choosing the best match for your house can be overwhelming considering the wide range of latest models on the market. On that note, here is a helpful refrigerator buying guide that will help you make an informed decision.

(1)Finding Your Style

There are four style options to choose from, and each has its own merits and demerits. The first option is the top freezer which is designed with the uppermost third compartment dedicated to the freezer and the bottom two-thirds to fresh-food storage. This is the most common model, and though solid, it has nothing much to offer style-wise.

The second styling option is the bottom freezer which dedicates the upper compartment to fresh foods and basic ingredients and the bottom compartment to the freezer. This means you have to hunch over to reach even the most basic ingredients. However, this also means you will not have to strain when reaching for frozen food.

If the two styling options above aren’t suitable for you, you may want to try out the side-by-side option. This type offers equal space for both the fresh-food and frozen ingredients. These are ideal for narrow kitchens although they tend to offer a narrow freezer section.

The French door freezer is yet another popular model as it has its door split into two, which means that you will not be letting in too much warm air when operating it. The main advantage is that this fridge keeps you from bending down to reach the basic ingredients. This model is however much more expensive than the rest.

(2)Consider the Right Size

The ideal refrigerator size depends on your individual needs, and size of your home. As a rule of thumb, 4 by 6 cubic feet is ideal per individual adult. That means if you’re a family of four then a refrigerator of size 10 by 32 cubic feet would be ideal. You should however keep in mind the fact that a bigger fridge means bigger energy bills.

(3)Some Unique Features

You may want to invest in a refrigerator that aligns with the edges of your cabinets, allowing only the door to stick out – thereby helping you utilize available space well. You may also want to consider a fridge with a unique blend of modern features. We’re talking about things like sectional climate controls, defrosting features, built-in wine rack, butter bin etc. Other extra features:

*LED lighting
*Antibacterial coatings of interior surfaces
*Quiet buzz-free models

(4)Think About Smart Technology

Smart refrigerators, though pricy, have numerous advantages. For instance, you can go for a model with smart energy efficiency to help you lower your power bill. If communication is an important aspect of your life (of course it is), then a model equipped with intuitive interfaces would be a great choice. Looking for entertainment? Some of the latest models come with integrated speakers, LCD touchscreens and WiFi capabilities.

Final Word

There’s no doubt that modern technology has opened new frontiers in the world of fridge functionality. But as new things additions are introduced every day, it makes sense to consider your individual needs prior to making the final decision. Remember, no refrigerator buying guide, can beat the effectiveness and accuracy of your informed conscience.

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