Time Management Tips for Working Students



Time Management Tips for Working Students

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Steve Marboli once said

“The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps”


The old adage is still a classic and one of the best teachings you will find on the web today. Everyone is gifted same 24 hours in a day and the fact that how you go through with those hours is the key to your success. Managing time is often a priority in which most of the students fail at, and to be very honest this is one of the major causes of both health and mental illness prevalent in students these days.

Although time management sounds like a difficult thing to get habitual of, but once you master this skill you will be able to get the most out of your life. Making a realistic plan for your day keeps you organized, focused and more importantly, less stressed. Plus, it gives you time for various priorities which includes petting your dog who is sad as you ignore him with a smirk.

In this competitive world, performing out of the box is important and this is what most of the universities mold their students for. But one cannot do that efficiently if they have a messy day. To get new ideas, you need to have a clear mind and be present in the moment, but there is no way you can do that if you are worried about a hundred more things you need to do. Hence it is imperative that you fix a schedule for your day, keeping it simple and organized.

So here are some steps on how you can manage your time for better productivity:

What Do You Have to Do

Stop! Think! Go!

Basically, a stage where you don’t need to think a way to hard. Just make a list of absolutely everything you have to do and sort them according to the priority level. Make sure the list you have made is partial to both professional and personal life of yours.

Making a to-do-list has both psychological and productivity benefits. You will experience that life improves when you decide to do things in a scheduled manner. Making notes helps you distill the information and thus your mind works accordingly. Practice this for a few days, and you will experience the gains.

Make Realistic Plans

It is generally seen that things often take longer than expected to make sure your schedule sounds realistic. Students need to manage work, college, personal studies, assignment writing and various other priorities. Thus, sometimes things may not go according to what you have planned.  You can contact academic experts at Online Assignment Writing for your academics or assignment help.

Therefore, don’t be too harsh on yourself about your plans. Allow yourself a little extra time in case you spend more than expected time on a task you thought would be done in a jiffy. With time, you will be able to judge the extent of your capabilities, making it easier for you to make those plans. You will notice that as the time passes, your efficiency will increase and your tasks will be done in the time you allotted to them, if not any

Allow time for planning

This is not something you need to do every day. Once in a week gift yourself some lone time, sit around somewhere and go through all the activities you did the past week. Relax, clean up the clutter and open the windows of your mind, making room for new ideas.

One of the most beneficial aspects of planning is that it gives you time to identify future goals and lets you know how far you are from such. Planning will give you directions and will prepare you to face future challenges.  This will undoubtedly uncover the major bumps on the road to success.

Analyze your past week, and accordingly plan the next one. You will notice a significant improvement in the following week.

Procrastination and Distraction

Do you have a habit of humming your favorite song while studying? Or continuously tapping your phone’s screen, hoping to find something interesting? Well, this is a distraction. The best way to avoid distraction is to take a break for a few minutes or you can also try “Be Here now” technique. Whenever your mind starts wandering stop and tell yourself to ‘be here now’ you might have to do it a couple of time for better results but it works.

Basically, you just have to remind yourself to be in the moment and focus on the task at hand. We have a tendency to get diverted to more interesting and entertaining things than what we are currently doing, but we must have that control to not get distracted and stay focused on our work.

Technology is the biggest distraction a student faces today. Every other second you receive a new Whatsapp message or an update on someone’s Facebook wall. I know it is hard to resist the temptation to check that update, but you must control yourself. Turn of your phone while you are studying. An hour or two without your phone won’t do you any harm, but a lot of good.

Another big enemy that stands in the way of progress is procrastination. Yes, that crazy monkey in your head which steers you away from what is important, to what is fun. That thought of “I can do this later” is toxic, and can lead to a very stressful day. Always try to finish your work on time. If you do not want to work, go take a break for an hour or two. But when you come back, sit on your chair like you are glued to it, and do not get up till you are finished. Since many students copy and paste the work when they are not left with proper time. Students must check the assignments for plagiarism before submitting the assignment. Thanks for The Help provide help to students to get plagiarism report checked for the academic work.

Add a Pinch Of Exercise

Your mind is healthy only when your body is. Your brain takes up a lot of energy produced by your body, so to keep it functioning at its full potential; you need to feed it appropriately.

15 minutes of exercise daily can do wonders for you. Exercising works in the same way sleep does. Regular exercising improves memory and increase your thinking capacity plus you feel energetic and active throughout.  

Other than studying, exercising has multiple benefits. Maybe you want to lose weight, look better, lower your blood pressure or get rid of depression There are plenty of reasons to be physically active  

Plan Some Downtime

“All work and no play, makes jack a very dull boy.” Some might find this gibberish, but it is very true.

We are not robots, who can work 24/7. Even robots need time to recharge. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a big task at hand. Work all you can, but do take out a few hours in your day to relax your body and mind. The next time you go to work, you will find a considerable increase in your stamina and proficiency.

Time is the biggest asset one can have. Or time can turn into one’s greatest enemy. It all depends on how well you manage it. I have seen many people fail because of lack of time. We often take time lightly and think “I have a lot of time, I can do this later.” but the fact is, with that attitude we don’t start working till it is a bit too late. And then the worry of failure takes over our brain, rendering it completely useless. We are not able to do the simplest of things properly because we are worried that it will never get finished on time.

So friends, consider time as your utmost valuable asset and try to utilize every second of it. I hope this blog helped you and you found something useful in it.

Author’s Bio: 

Albert David is a professional with over 10 years of experience in online tutoring, academic writing and a freelance blogger. Currently working as a academic writer with CDR-Report. He believes that constant learning is the only way to success. He likes to travel in his free time.

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