What Have You Lost in Constantly “Doing”?


from type a to type me: how to stop doing life and start living it. But what is the cost?

Do you have hobbies? Do you have passions? Or have you lost who you are to all of the things you are doing outside of yourself?  Do you sleep well at night?  Are you fit? Do you feel good in your body?

What is your blood pressure? How is your digestion?  Do you have close loving relationships, or are those around you cowering after you gave your last order?  Do you feel a slave to the needs of those around you?

Do you celebrate your successes, or do you jump into the next task?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all you need to do?
Do you have work-life balance?
When was the last time you laughed?
How often do you smile during the day?
How much do you enjoy what you are doing?
How much of your day, life, and relationships do you miss because you are focused on the project at hand?
How much of your life have you forgotten in a blur of completed tasks?
Are you truly living your life or are you a machine frantically completing one task after another?
Do you feel stuck, constricted, strained, and restricted?
What is your personal cost of doing too much?

Journal about what you are losing in the desire to “have it all.” In your desire to control situations, how are you actually out of control? Are you ready to give up the frantic lifestyle and find peace in just being? What is scary about releasing all the to-do’s on your list?

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