What is Freedom?



What is Freedom?

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Freedom means the absence of restraint or control. It gives people the authority over their own self, their decisions, and actions according to their own likes and dislikes without any intervention. It is their right of freewill. There are four types of freedoms in general parlance, individual freedom, political freedom, religious freedom, spiritual freedom.

Freedom is promised today to the citizens of different countries under their respective constitutions and to the world at larger under the United Nations charter to which most countries are signatories. Freedom is the birthright of people and is essential for their growth, prosperity and happiness. It is the greatest gift of the human civilization.

Freedom is the deeper meaning, the foundation behind all of your desires. When you want more money, what you really want is the freedom to have and to give anything. When you want better relationships, what you desire to experience is the freedom to be yourself, to love and to be loved. When you want a different career, what you want is the freedom to be able to express your unique talents and passions and to fulfill your purpose. When you want improved health and body, you are yearning for the freedom of being happy physically and loving your physical form.

There are many ways to create freedom in your life. The very first step towards freedom is to make the intention to pursue freedom in all areas of your life and settle for nothing less. This is a big commitment to make, but it is important to do so. Once you have aligned your intention with freedom, freedom will be able to come to you. This is an invitation. If you want someone to come to dinner, you must invite them, turn on the lights so they know you’re home and then open the door when they arrive. It’s pretty unlikely they would come otherwise.

Limitations of Freedom

Most constitutions guarantee citizens freedom to worship, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and so on. However liberty is not licence and we may also like to understand the limitations of the freedom that we have. If in the name of freedom and freewill, we obstruct others freedom and freewill, then such a freedom is not permissible. In our pursuit of happiness and peace, we should not disturb others’ happiness and peace. In fact we surrender a part of our freedom to be part of the society and enjoy the security and benefits it offers.

Inner Freedom

True freedom comes from liberation of self. People often carry baggage of distrust, self doubt, fear anger and frustration and lose their freedom to choose peace, love, happiness and success. They carry beliefs, biases and superstitions due to conditioning by the environment they live in. Healthy skepticism, an open questioning mind, believing only in what is credible with reasonable evidence opens the doors to true inner freedom.

Freedom of Choice

The modern view is that human beings have free will and are not controlled by their genetic make up, destiny or divine design. They have freedom of choice to decide what action to take and are therefore responsible for the consequences of their actions. They have within their control the power to make their own and their loved one’s lives happy by taking the right actions with regards to relationships and success in their career or enterprise.

Life coaches and business coaches advise that we must take our life in both hands, decide what we want to achieve. We must be willing to change and free ourselves from all forces that restrain us from reaching our objectives. This freedom comes from increasing our self confidence and inner strength by shunning all negativity, making the right choices about our attitude to life and work and taking responsibility for our actions.

The next step is to create a structure for the creation of freedom in your life. Following your intention with action is often necessary to make a tangible shift in your life so you can achieve the freedom you desire. If you don’t currently experience unlimited freedom in your life, you have beliefs that are holding you back. By creating a daily structure for the transformation of your existing beliefs, you can shift your belief system so that freedom is allowed into your life. Some of the daily exercises you can implement include visualization, affirmations, journaling and gratitude.

1. Visualization is the use of your mind to picture what you want your life to look like. This is an amazing technique used by Olympic athletes, business executives and many other people to achieve success. By visualizing in your mind what you want, you are actually creating a network in your brain that enables you to create these desires externally. Imagine all five senses when you visualize – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. To achieve maximum results, visualize your goals in detail at least twice daily.

2. Affirmations are short sentences describing a goal that you wish to achieve. Affirmations are phrased positively and in the present as if you have already achieved the goal. As an example: My career allows me to express my purpose and my passion. This affirmation is present tense and positive, rather than saying “I want a career that does not suppress my joy and does not pay poorly.” Create a list of affirmations customized to your goals and read your affirmations in the morning before you start your day and again right before bed. You can even write affirmations on post-it notes and place them in various frequented places such as your car and your computer.

3. Journaling is a fabulous exercise because it allows you to track your daily progress in the pursuit of freedom. As old beliefs are revealed to you, record them in your journal. When you experience a breakthrough epiphany or have a really terrific day, record it in your journal. You will be able to look back and see patterns in your life, how you dealt with something, how you achieved a particular goal. Journaling is a simple, invaluable tool that will benefit you greatly.

4. Another important step in the creation of freedom is to practice gratitude. Look at ways in which you already experience freedom in your life. As you go about your day, notice all the things you are grateful for – people, places, things, events, experiences. By law of attraction, when you are aware of being thankful, you will attract more of what you are thankful for to you, as well as more things to be thankful for. Every day, record in your journal at least five things you are grateful for. Soon you will see in your life the positive changes that this simple exercise brings.

The bottom line is that you deserve boundless freedom in your life, and you owe it to yourself to pursue it. When you find yourself thinking of settling, gently bring your thoughts back to that which you truly desire. Make sure the steps you take in life are leading you towards the freedom you are searching for. By consistently following freedom quotes, your path will become easier and clearer to you.

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I would like to share words on freedom. Make this year about freedom. Think of it as your mantra. Wherever you go, whatever you do, think freedom, freedom, freedom! Think freedom, dream freedom, act with freedom. The more positive focus you place on freedom, the more freedom you will have in your life. Imagine freedom, and it will become your reality.
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