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Ting Ting

Love This Amazing Community

There aren't many people in Taiwan work as freelancers. I'm very happy to find other freelancers here and share experience!

Ting Ting
Taichung, Taiwan
Mark Valentine

This is the Best Social Network ever!

I appreciate this network, I don't feel left out like other freelance network. You can share or doing "long wolf" work, everyone is welcome.

Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nicholas Green

Incredible place for freelancers

Freedom! I feel lots of freedom here yet everything is in order. This is exactly the place I've been looking for and you will like it, too.

Nicholas Green
Auckland, New Zealand

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How To Create the Inner Happiness of Work-Life Balance

Remember when the technology experts tried to sell us on the notion that all of their gadgets would free us up, give us more leisure time and make life so much more enjoyable? We've been fooled into thinking that being offered the opportunity to “telecommute,” or work from anywhere we choose, with cloud-based infrastructures allowing us to move where and when we want results in work-life balance. It doesn’t.

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Best Writing Apps and Online Tools

Aspiring and established writers think of great ideas at strangest times. How many times have you thought of an amazing concept that evaporated away because you didn’t find the time to write it down? Instead of carrying a pen and paper everywhere around, you can turn to modern technology and start being more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, a short story writer or novelist; the following apps and online tools will help you become a much more effective writer!

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