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Who Keeps the US Safe Online?

Exploiting adversary networks – it’s what Cyber Operations Officers do every day at the CIA. Find out how these professionals use the world’s most advanced technology to protect America.

Maria came to the CIA five years ago after serving in the military. She used the G.I Bill to obtain a BS in Computer Science from a University in the South East. “Working at the CIA is a natural and logical progression from serving in the military and my desire to protect our country and its citizens.”

As a Cyber Operations Officer, Maria’s work includes defining, planning, analyzing, identifying and recommending the most effective and efficient approach to technical and operational requirements regarding technical collection analysis and technology development. “The diversity of taskings and operational objectives ensures that I never get bored.”

While the movies portray a continuously fast-pace operational environment, more time is often spent researching and innovating novel ways to obtain the data that closes intelligence gaps. “I enjoy the opportunity to research cutting edge technologies and work across the Intelligence Community to better understand how to implement those technologies for operations.”

“Computer Science or Engineering positions often have defined roles. At CIA you regularly find yourself crossing into other technical areas based on operational requirements.” Maria’s favorite part of coming to work is that every day is different from the next, each day presents new and exciting problems to solve, and the diverse group of people she get to solve them with keeps work fun.

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