AI Food Scanner Startup Nuvilab Participates in CES 2023 – LingoExp

AI Food Scanner Startup Nuvilab Participates in CES 2023 – LingoExp News Release
  • Unveiled ‘Vision N’ , an AI healthcare concept based on dietary habits data, at CES 2023 to be held in the US in January next year
  • Started development of digital healthcare solutions, attracting 10 billion won series A investment in October this year… Showcasing customized technology for adults, infants, & patients at CES
  • Opportunity to experience 3 types of core products including ‘AI food scanner’ in a 135㎡ (approximately 40 pyeong) studio-type standalone booth

Nuvilab (CEO Kim Dae-hoon), a start-up that develops artificial intelligence (AI) food scanning solutions, will unveil a healthcare concept based on eating habits data at CES next year. Nuvilab AI is expected to show a new future in the field of digital healthcare by developing food data learned over the past four years in the form of mobile apps & APIs.

AI Food Scanner Startup Nuvilab Participates in CES 2023 – LingoExp

Nuvilab will participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States from January 5 to 8 next year. Nubi Lab, which has participated in CES since 2020, will set up a stand-alone booth for the first time this year to showcase key solutions under the themes of digital healthcare, food tech, & sustainability.

Nuvilab sees this CES stage, which is expected to attract more than 170,000 visitors from 158 countries around the world, as an opportunity to accelerate its entry into the global market. The booth centered on ‘AI Food Scanner’, a core solution of Nuvilab. △ Infant growth management Digital healthcare concepts such as solution △ food habit management solution for patients with chronic diseases △ mobile food diary △ food scan API will be exhibited for the first time . Kim Dae-hoon, CEO of Nuvilab, said, “With Nuvilab’s food tech technology, ESG I am confident that it will lead innovation not only in the industry but also in the healthcare industry,” he said.

“This CES 2023 will be an opportunity to promote Nuvilab’s technology more & collaborate with world-class companies.”

Nuvilab has been attracting attention at home & abroad by developing a solution that innovates the group catering environment with technology that can identify the type & amount of food with just one scanning. So far , more than 70 companies & institutions have introduced the solution & are known to have reduced food waste by more than 15 million kg. In October of this year, it attracted 10 billion won Series A investment from Smilegate Investment & others.

Meanwhile, at the Nuvilab CES booth, SK Telecom & Nuvilab’s successful Zero Waste campaign to achieve Net Zero will also be displayed. SKT is known to have achieved carbon reduction effects by implementing a campaign to reduce food waste for six months by introducing the Nuvilab solution to executive cafeterias to practice ESG in daily life.

Nuvilab’s CES booth can be visited at the Digital Health Zone in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall (LVCC North Hall).

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